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Customer Reviews

"What an awesome shop!!! Will definitely make this a regular stop. So many unique items and the owners are great. If you haven't been...make it a definite to do!!!" - Debbie Mills
"What a jewel in the heart of Williamsport. I have been several times and always leave with something beautiful! It is now my go to spot for gifts for any occasion. Keep up the great work.  I'll see ya soon Canal View Candles & Barrel Co!" - Lisa Dilda
"I absolutely love this place!!!! If we can get about 6 more places like this in town. Thank you for taking a chance on our town." - Larry Jessop

"Love this shop, great people and awesome gifts. Outstanding workmanship." - Cindy Higgins


"So glad you opened the store front!! Have been a fan for quite some time, stalking you at the craft fairs and the Desert Rose when I needed a candle fix...this makes it so much easier!! Congrats!" - Carol Hertrich


"Nice to deal with and very eager to help even with our own projects. We bought some beautiful items and are having a wine barrel coffee table made. I highly recommend visiting the store!!" - Laura Horning